Solar LED Street Light – F Series 50W



  • Working time is 12-14 hours after full charging, 3-5 days during rainy days.

  • Light sensor control, motion sensor control and timming control.

  • Using SMD3030 LED chips, high brightness, no flicker and low lumen depreciation.

  • Using thick die-casting aluminum heat sink with good heat dissipation performance.

  • Modular designed lighting source, one module failure will not affect other modules.

  • 3 years warranty.




Power     LED Model       Lumen       Materials           Dimension

50W                 Philips SMD3030         90-101lm/W       Die-casing Aluminum   1135*300*44mm


Solar Panel    Light Sensor      Motion Sensor    IP Rating    Warranty

18V/70V                       Support                             Support                               IP65                          3 Years


Working Model

Out solar LED street light integrate with light sensor and motion sensor.
When it is daytime, the light will be turned off automatically.
When it is at night, the light will be turned on automatically. When the light is turned on, the motion sensor will start to work. The brightness also will change base on the time.
From 1st to 4th hour:
100% brightness when people pass, 50% brightness when people leave.
From 5th to 8th hour:
70% brightness when people pass, 40% brightness when people leave.
From 9th hour to the time when it is turned off:
60% brightness when people pass, 30% brightness when people leave.

Product Show

ZL-STL-F_50W_6 ZL-STL-F_50W_7 ZL-STL-F_50W_8 rtht ZL-STL-F_50W_10 ZL-STL-F_20W_11


Our solar LED street lights are widely used in street lighting, sidewalk lighting, roadway lighting, fence lighting, pathway lighting, campus lighting, park lighting, garden lighting, ramp lighting, boat dock lighting, remote area lighting, farm & ranch lighting, etc.

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