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No matter how attached a baby is to the mother whiles in the womb, a time comes when the child has to eventually break that bond by coming into this world to be seen and live as a human on its own.

This separation doesn’t mean the child breaks eternal bond with the mother but rather, there is another special intimacy that exist between the mother and the child. This intimacy makes the mother responsible for the growth and well being of the child. Some of these responsibilities include:

  1. Breastfeeding.
  2. Bathing, polishing and dressing up
  3. Aiding the child to sit, craw and walk
  4. Educating the child morally and academically
  5. Helping the child to discover his/her purpose and living it, and etc.

Just like a mother and a baby, there comes a time when a developed country like a mother, carries an undeveloped country to help her rise to the level it has too. The developed country helps the undeveloped country by holding it up until a point where the undeveloped country learns to fend for itself and like a grown up child, leaves to set up his/her own home.

When it is a country breaking off from another which used to control it affairs and all, this breaking off is called freedom in better words “INDEPENDENCE”. This freedom brings joy unspeakable to the nation that attains it. If it was a man, it would have been said of him as ready to start a home.

“Ghana our beloved country is free forever” was the proclamation of joy of the great leader (Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah) who lead us to this jubilation we remind ourselves of today. We are free because our leaders believed in us, they said you and I

were capable enough of taking good care of our pride (Ghana) and so they toiled and fought till they won the battle for us.

We keep celebrating independence day, we gather on all large grounds nationally to march and get all the speeches over and over about how 63years ago some individuals (the Big Six) from this same country, even when it wasn’t this much developed believed in the country and placed their lives on the edge to ensure that, we get the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Hurray……..!!!!! The fight was worth it and here we are today freeeeeeee…..!!!!! But the question or say the concern is, how have we upheld the good name of the nation as citizen? With what percentage of boldness do you beat your chest to say I am a proud Ghanaian? If you are unable to do this what is your reason? Do you go pointing fingers at those in higher authorities as those who are not doing well for the country?

You see, the blame game is our fall. What ideas do you have? What input are you making? How are you making sure that Ghana is well clothed? We need to understand that it is not anyone person, group of people or a political party’s responsibility. Rather, it is your responsibility, mine responsibility before it becomes our responsibility. Keeping Ghana clean, exposing criminals, correcting the petty mistakes we see people around us make and talking about the country with all the positive energy in you.

Ghana is developing but Ghana can develop fully if we make Ghana our individual responsibility. Let’s not run away when we start doing well, let’s stay and develop Ghana together. It is possible! Have a change of mind now and make your Ghana a better place.


A call to patriotism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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